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  • 74 live lodges
  • 67 in development

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Accurate Listings.
High-res images

We approached PatchVault as a means of providing high-quality imagery in order to help collectors and traders identify issues from a Lodge or Council.

Using slightly modified ISCA 2017 guidelines, we drive to the Lodge level to get the accurate assessment of what is and isn’t an issue and correct numbering issues from the old Blue Book guides.

We work on mobile out of the gate and allow users to manage their collections and wish lists, with automatic dupes handling, printable lodge checklists, printable dupes and needs lists, and more great features.

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Changelog 0.9.2

Lots of work here over the last few months. New homepage, lots of improvements and fixes in the admin area, collections, and more.

  • New homepage design
  • Updated and added icons site wide
  • A...
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Images now CDN-served

We're serving images from Amazon's Cloudfront CDN (Content Delivery Network) now, which should help with speed of image delivery, especially on index/listing pages. Let us know if you see any issues!

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Changelog 0.9.1

Lots of little fixes and cleanup items in this release as we're pushing towards 1.0 (sometime after NOAC). Users can now upload their own images as additional images on an issue. Show us your threa...

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So what does this do?

  • Public Features

    • Lodge-focused listings
    • BB6 Listing data included (through 2006
    • 3200px wide master images
    • Front and back scans of all issues (where available)
    • Complex metadata for each issue
    • PDF checklist for each lodge (with chapter issues when available)
  • Account Features

    Once you've created an account, you can also:

    • Add items to your needs list
    • Manage collections (and make them public or private)
    • Automatic management of your dupes list
    • Download CSV and XLS versions of each collection
    • Become an admin for a lodge (or multiple lodges)
  • Upcoming Features

    • Nicely formatted prints (PDF) of your Needs and Dupes lists
    • Find others willing to trade or sell an issue
    • Areas/Sections, Councils, Districts, & Camps and their issues
    • Multiple listing support (more than PV and BB6)
    • Zillow-like “Patch Price” (partnership with BoyScoutPatchInfo/PatchTrends)
    • Add missing items from a Lodge to your Needs List
    • Track the Lodges you collect and be notified when new releases are added to the system
    • & much more...