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At PatchVault, our passion for preserving the rich tapestry of scouting memorabilia has driven us for over a decade. We've built a sanctuary for collectors, offering a comprehensive web catalog brimming with high-quality images, meticulously accurate listings, and indispensable tools tailored for managing personal collections, needs lists, and duplicates.

It's been an incredible journey so far. Development began in 2013, and we launched in 2016 with the 10 active and merged Lodges based in Virginia, and have rapidly grown to feature over 320 Lodges from across the nation with another 220 in development as of November, 2023.

We've always been self-funded and relied on the generosity of the founders to cover development and server costs. Thanks to countless editors and Scouting History enthusiasts like you, we've grown to a site with over 30,000 unique issues and 55,000+ high-quality, high-resolution images of those issues.

Many OA Lodges have started using PatchVault as an essential tool in telling their history. Unami (1), Tutelo (161), and other OA Lodges use PatchVault as their official memorabilia history repository. Our high- resolution source images allow any patch to be printed on US Letter or A4 paper at 300dpi, enabling Lodges compiling historical print documents to use our processed scans for their publications.

Why We Need Your Support

  • Server and AWS Costs: PatchVault is a digital solution that relies on hosting and Amazon Web Services (AWS, Cloudflare) to deliver our content. We've been able to reduce costs dramatically over the last year, but AWS costs continue to climb based on the sheer volume of product images. To maintain our extensive catalog and ensure smooth access for all users, we face monthly server and AWS costs.
  • Accelerated Development: Your contributions will sustain us and enable us to advance our platform at a much faster pace, incorporating new features and enhancing user experience.
  • We need forty people a month at $10/month to cover our costs. Anything above that can help us fast-track certain development efforts.

Your Impact

  • Preserve Scouting Heritage: Each donation helps safeguard this unique slice of history.
  • Promote and sustain our hobby: Our tools make it simpler for beginning collectors to gain knowledge and confidence and interact with others who share their collecting interests.
  • Empower Collectors: By enhancing our platform, you'll directly support fellow enthusiasts with better tools to manage and grow their precious collections.
  • Fuel Future Innovations: With your support, we can develop new tools and features that make collecting more accessible and enjoyable and help our editors manage the massive catalog more effectively.

Together, let's ensure that PatchVault remains the definitive resource for scouting memorabilia enthusiasts worldwide.

Your support is not just a donation; it's an investment in the legacy of scouting.

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