About Patchvault

PatchVault started as a concept in 2013 and a series of discussions between myself (John Athayde) and Glenn Chase (VA-OA.org). Development started in earnest in early 2017 focusing on the SR-7A (Virginia and a little West Virginia/North Carolina) lodges. We wanted high res images, color corrected to help identify the little details that can drive the difference between MVE and an a/b issue. We wanted to be able to see the weave on the patch when we zoomed in. We wanted to be able to manage our collections in something more powerful than Excel.

We loved the work that so many people had done with OAImages and the original Blue Book work but nothing had really been significantly updated in recent years, and numbering was starting to drift, even amongst collectors in our own section's lodges.

We focused on the following tenets:

  • The Lodge itself (or the main collectors of that Lodge) should provide the guidance on proper numbering whenever possible.
  • The listing should be as complete as possible, including listing variations and unofficial/fake/etc items.
  • An image is the best description of any patch.

Starting with Glenn Chase's VA-OA site, working with many of the large collectors in the Section, we set out to get the most complete and accurate listing of issues, prototypes, fakes, and event issues for the SR-7A lodges and their ancestors. Todd Rogers and Dustin Ferris built out most of Western Pennsylvania and have continued working throughout the site amongst all the editors listed to the right.

This is a work in progress. We're always trying to improve it. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Check out our FAQ for common questions about the site and our policies.

  • John Athayde
    Shenandoah 258 (2018 - Present)
    Wahunsenakah 333 (1996-2018)
    Kecoughtan 463 (1990-1996); First Vice Chief (1993-1995)

  • Glenn Chase
    Tonkawa 99 (1976-present)
    Kecoughtan 463 (1972-1975)
    Ouxouiga 264 (1970-1971)

  • Todd Rogers
    Langundowi 46 (1990-Present)

YPT Coverage

John, Glenn, and Todd are all registered Scouters and have completed Youth Protection Training. We are happy to provide our BSA ID numbers to anyone who requests them. For any youth contacting the site, please use the "team@patchvault.org" to hit all three of us at once.

Pronunciation Guide

The Lodge Name Pronunciation Guide and associated audio files was developed by Scott Dillard. He granted permission to PatchVault to host and expand this information. We thank him for his service to Scouting and the hobby.