Pacific Harbors Council #612
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155 Nisqually’s issues were renumbered in August 2020. Info
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Lodge Details


Lodge Details

Lodge Totem/Insignia Northwestern Native American raven

Name Translation One Who Serves the Land


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Lodge History

Representatives from Kcumkum #285, Tahoma #348, and Tillicum #392 Lodges met on Saturday, November 6, 1993 and Sunday, November 21, 1993 to discuss the merger of the three lodges. According to the delegates, all of the issues and concerns were dealt with quickly and it was a relatively painless process. It was decided that the merger would occur during the weekend of the Section W1-B Conclave held April 22-24, 1994 at Camp Fire Mountain. Troy Young’s suggestion of “Nisqually” for the lodge name was selected over the original proposed name of “Kalai Kallakala,” which translates as “black raven.” The raven was kept as the lodge totem and Young was elected as the first Lodge Chief.