Red River Valley Council #429
Fargo, North Dakota


Lodge Details

Merged 1976

Lodge Details
1976: Merged with Chan-O-Wapi 52, Chatoka 183, and Thunderbird 371 to form Pa-Hin 27

Lodge Totem/Insignia Chief's head with crossed arrow and axe

Name Translation Minndta was the name of the chief in the Siouxan Nation

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Lodge History

Minnduta Lodge has its hsitory in two camps. First, Camp Shawondese located five mile from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. There were several camps open at that time and operated by the Red River Valley Council toshorten the distances that the scouts would have to travel. Camp Shawondese was last used in 1947. Camp Wilderness or Wilderness Camps as it was first known, the name change taking place in 1957. TYhe camp became fully fuctional in 1946; however, a few older scouts cleared the roads and camp sites 1945-1947. This was considered a High Adventure camp at the time. By this time all the camps in the district and council had been cleared. To arrowmen on Minnduta, Camp Wilderness was considered home.