Great Plains Area Council #431
Minot, North Dakota


Lodge Details

Merged 1976

Lodge Details
1976: Merged with Chan-O-Wapi 52, Minniduta 176, and Thunderbird 371 to form Pa-Hin 27

Lodge Totem/Insignia Bison skull

Name Translation A siuoxan word which means "The Happy One" or "Clown"


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Lodge History

There were five years of inactivity of this lodge in its early stages; but there was no loss of organizarional structire and the lodge was re-activated in 1957. The first flap was issued in 1957. The home of the Chakota Lodge has always been Camp Metigoshe on the lake by the same name, north of Bottineau, North Dakota. The old camp location was across the lake from this camp, then known as Squaw Point. During the early days of this lodge, members would carve a buffalo skull from wood and wore it on a leahter thong as their totem before flaps were issued.