Sprit Of Adventure Council #227
Woburn, Massachusetts


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Pennacook Lodge is the Order of the Arrow lodge chartered to the Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scouts of America. Established January 1, 2016, it was formed as a result of the merger between its two predecessor lodges:
Moswetuset Lodge (Boston Minuteman Council) and Nanepashemet Lodge (Yankee Clipper Council).
The youth that led the development of the lodge founded it on the dogma that “good is never good enough”. They committed to being brave enough to try new things and to think outside the box. They believed it was their chance to do something incredible. The overarching goal was to create a lodge that best fulfilled the mission and purpose of the Order of the Arrow in the newly formed council.
As Pennacook’s footprint now covers seventy-six communities within Greater Boston Area of Northeastern Massachusetts, it has a rich history of cheerful service throughout a number of legacy lodges.