Heart O' Texas Council #662
Waco, Texas


Lodge Details


Lodge Details
2003: Merged with Nishkin Halupa A Pe Lachi 489 to form Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk 209

Lodge Totem/Insignia Diamond back rattlesnake

Name Translation Name of Tribe; Heron (Muskogee)


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Lodge History

Huaco Lodge 327 was chartered January 2, 1946 to serve the Heart O' Texas Council. The story of the origin of the lodge totem, the Black Western Diamondback Rattlesnake has been been passed down through generations of Arrowmen since that time.

Some members of the newly formed lodge, also members of a Waco Explorers post, went hunting in the area. One Explorer walked too close to a rattlesnake, but did not see it. Another Explorer shot the snake before it could strike. The snake was very large, powerful and, because of its size, appeared black in color.

These Arromen were so impressed with the size and unusual color of this big snake, they suggested using the rattler as the totem for the new lodge. The snakeskin was tanned and mounted on a board.

For years it was carried to lodge meetings, inductions and conventions. Unfortunately, this snakeskin has been lost.

Using the "black" snake as the centerpiece, another member of the lodge created a diamond-shaped badge made of felt, which was issued to the orignal lodge members. Now known to collectors as the "Huaco X1", the designer claims that less than 50 of these badges were made.