Timber Trails Council #275
Muskegon, Michigan


Lodge Details

Merged 1975

Lodge Details
1975: Merged with Jibshe Wanagan 79 to form Nacha Tindey 25

Lodge Totem/Insignia Deer hoof

Name Translation Deer Foot (Grandson of Chief Owasippe, in a local indian legend)

Membership 350 (1971)

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Lodge History

In 1947 leaders of the Timber Trails Council organized and inducted members into Muskegon’s first Order of the Arrow Lodge. About a year later (1948) the new lodge received its first charter.

From the earliest days of the lodge, members were very interested in creating and maintaining regalia. Dennis Fernley was the first lodge chief of Nakida Naou lodge and served in the position for 3 terms. During which time he also served as the Camp Merritt handicraft director, where he helped many scouts and lodge members make regalia.

The most notable part of Nakida Naou lodges’ history was their award winning dance team. In the mid 1950’s Frank Joachimsthaler joined the lodge and taught many of the member’s customs and dances that he had learned from an Indian family while he was away at college. Over the years the lodge dance team won many statewide and area titles; the highlight of the dance team’s career though was at the 1967 NOAC where the lodge ranked in the top seven.

Nakida Naou had a strong pride in their council camp, and as a result developed most of their programs and events around servicing it. The first few years the lodge called Camp Merritt its home, until growing membership caused the council to close the property.
In 1950 the Timber Trails Council purchased property surrounding Britton Lake, and in 1951 the property was named Gerber Scout Reservation.

The very first Vigil honor member of Nakida Naou lodge was Oscar Lindgren Jr in 1952; Oscar was scout executive of the Timber Trails council and camp director of GSR when it was dedicated in 1951

Members of Nakida Naou lodge had a hand in building many of the structures and establishing many areas and programs at Camp Gerber. The most well know area that was created by Nakida Naou is the main camp firebowl located on Britton Lake. The firebowl which is still in use today is dedicated to longtime Ranger and Vigil honor member Dick Lau;

Nakida Naou lodge hosted the 1955 Area 7A conference, the 1960 Area 7J jubilee Conclave, and the 1974 Section EC-2B Conclave.

On December 27th 1975 Nakida Naou #401 merged with Jibshe Wanagan #79 to form Nacha Tindey #25.