Three Fires Council #127
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41 Lowaneu Allanque’s issues were renumbered in June 2021. Info
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Lodge Details


Lodge Details
September 1995: From merger of Natokiokan 41 and Glikhikan 106

Lodge Totem/Insignia North Star

Name Translation North Star (Lenape) Info


Membership 616 (2021)

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Lodge History

Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41 (Three Fires Council BSA) was formed when Natokiokan Lodge #41 (Old Dupage Area Council) and Glikhikan Lodge #106 (Old Two Rivers Council) merged in September 1995. The new lodge received its first charter from the National Order of the Arrow January 1, 1996. Natokiokan Lodge was first chartered on June 20, 1929. Natokiokan means “Two Medicine Lodge” and its totem was the Red Tail Hawk. This was the first merger for this proud old lodge. Glikhikan Lodge has gone through several mergers since the number 106 was issued to Wiyapunit Lodge on January 1, 1938. Wiyapunit meaning “Elk” merged with Neconchemok Lodge # 120, which means, “Built like a Bear” in 1968. The name Neconchemok was taken in 1965 when Chief Shabbona Lodge #120, which was chartered on June 16, 1938, decided to change its name. The totem for Chief Shabbona was a Full Head Dress and the totem of Neconchemok was the Stump of a tree with a new branch emerging. The merger of Wiyapunit and Neconchemok formed Kishagame Lodge 106. Kishagame meaning “Rivers” totem was Fires and Rivers Merging. Kishagame Lodge and Consoke Lodge # 279 merged into Glikhikan Lodge in January 1971 and the number 106 was retained. The name Consoke was taken in 1950 when Nawaka Lodge # 279 which was chartered on September 3, 1944 decided to change its name. Nawaka means “Big Timber” and its totem was a mother wolf and cub with a full moon. Consoke means “Deep Forest” and its totem was Oak Leaves. Glikhikan means “a Lenape Leader” and its totem was the Pine Tree. Lowaneu Allanque meaning “North Star” its totem the North Star, kept the names of the chapters of the Natokiokan and Glikhikan Lodges. They were KeDeKa, Fox Valley, Hiawatha, Kishwaukee, Illinois, Chanonee, and Ewspinda.