Netseo Trails Council #580
Paris, Texas


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Merged with Mikanakawa 101 in February, 2017

Lodge Details

Lodge Totem/Insignia Evening star

Name Translation Evening Star


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Lodge History

In 1928, the Lamar County Council in Paris, Texas, was expanded to serve Commerce, TX, and the additional counties of Delta, Fanin, Franklin, Hopkins, Morris, Titus, and Red River. The council was renamed Lone Star Area Council. The lodge for Lone Star Area Council, Loquanne Allangwh, was chartered in 1950. With the addition of several counties in Oklahoma, the board, in 1955, chose to rename the council NeTseO Trails Council. In February, 2017 NeTseO Trails became a part of Circle Ten Council and Loquanne Allangwh became part of Mikanakwa Lodge 101. This information and more may be found at The author of this site is unknown to me.