Housatonic Council #69
Derby, Connecticut



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Lodge Details


Lodge Details

Lodge Totem/Insignia Iroquois False Face

Name Translation Muddy Pond (Algonquin) Info


Membership 106 (2022)

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Lodge History

Paugassett Lodge 553, Housatonic Council, B.S.A. headquartered in Derby, CT was chartered in the spring of 1961. The charter brothers completed their ordeal and the guidance and support of fellow Arrowmen from Ponus Lodge 521, Alfred W. Dater Council in Stamford, CT.
The lodge totem of Ponus Lodge was very indicative of the Native American belief in clans and spiritual societies within their tribe, all of which had their own individual air of mystery, secrecy and special purpose.
The Ponus Lodge totem was a red and black False Face Society mask centered on the flap patch of a black background with red border. It was a very simple, but yet very impressive designed flap.
In honor of the brothers of Ponus Lodge, the charter members of Paugassett Lodge decided to design a totem that would remind them of those who unselfishly gave of their services in order that a new lodge be formed. Therefore, its lodge totem is very similar; consisting too of a False Face Society mask, of the spoon-mouth variety, but painted green, white and black, topped by a mane of long white hair. The mask is backed by two crossed red arrows, representing the two lodges. The totem is centered on a white background with green border.
Over the years the flap has changed little except for a few variations. Until the late 60's all members wore the same white flap. A limited, 2 per life black Brotherhood flap has been around since about 1970 and around 1989 there followed a limited, 2 per-life red Vigil Flap.
Since its early days, this lodge has been active in the local council as well as section, region and National activities. Lodge 553 has hosted multiple section conclaves, sent many delegations to NOAC's, had 2 Lodge Chiefs serve as a Section Chief, and earned the National Quality Lodge Award many times.