President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council Council #781
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Lodge Details

Merged 2020

Lodge Details
2012: From merger of Nacha Tindey 25 and Indian Drum 152 2020: Merged with Agaming Maangogwan 804, Kishahtek 88, and Noquet 29 to form Mishigami 29.

Lodge Totem/Insignia Painted Turtle (formerly a warclub)

Name Translation Guardians of the Shore (Lenape)

Membership 1142 (2015)

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Lodge History

2012: From the merger of Nacha Tindey 25 and Indian Drum 152
2018: Absorbed part of Agaming Maangogwan 804
2020: Merged with Noquet 29, Kishahtek 88, and Agaming Maangogwan 804 to form Mishigami 29

Officially, Nataepu Shohpe lodge had no number. When the lodge formed in 2012 there was a conscious decision by the youth to not pick a lodge number, this was in part to unify the merging lodges as well as respect nationals decision to make lodge numbers defunct. After much pressure from adult patch collectors outside the lodge, the number 251 was discussed at length. 251 was never used on any flap patches/ apparel, but was adopted by Section C2, and some patch collectors. From fall of 2014-2017 no number was discussed by the LEC. In 2017 there was a revamp of the lodge identity, a new totem was selected and officially adopting a number for use on insignia was discussed in length; but a specific number was never deceided upon. A year later the 2018-19 LEC voted to permit PatchVault to use the council number (781) as their lodge number for catalog purposes. The 2018 Lodge NOAC shirt makes reference to the council number (781). The final lodge jacket patch approved in the fall of 2020 also makes reference to the council number (781).