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12 Regions (1949-72)

Main Reference: http://oasections.com/Region2.html Additional References: 1949 attendance list as researched by Dr. Gene Berman and Bill Mulrenin; George Jennings, 1957 Area 2-F Chief; Randy Holden, NJ Blue Book editor; and Frank Dingwerth.

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Section History

In September of 1948, Area B, Area C, Area D, and Area W-- which covered New York and New Jersey, were combined to form Region 2 as part of the 1948 integration into the twelve scouting regions.
Section did not meet between 1950 and 1952.
Half Moon 28 was moved to Area 2-D in 1953.
In 1959, Ranachqua 4, Shu-Shu-Gah 24, Suanhacky 49, Man-A-Hattin 82, and Aquehongian 112 moved to Area 2-J. However, ss the first official Area 2-J conference wasn't until 1960, they continued to attend Area 2-A events.
In 1964, Area 2-A gained the six lodges (Iaoapogh 286, Aheka 359, Ken-Etiwa-Pec 362, Minisi 449, Oratam 484, and Oleleu 515) from the defunct Area 2-F.
Nooteeming 443 was moved from Area 2-A to Area 2-D in 1964.
Skanondo 64 was moved to Area 2-H after 1964.
Shinnecock 360 and Buckskin 412 were moved to Area 2-J in 1965.