Glenn Chase

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Part of Region 3
12 Regions (1949-72)


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Area 3-C was established by a vote at the 1952 Area 3-A Pow Wow hosted by Memeu Lodge 125 on April 26-27 at Camp Nisatin, Schuylkill Haven, PA. The southern lodges of 3-A, comprised of eight Virginia lodges along with Nentico 12 of Maryland and Amanquemack 470 of Washington DC formed the new Area 3-C. Nentico 12 returned to III-A before the 1954 Pow-Wow.

In 1972 Area III-C was combined with Nentico 12, Guneukitschik 317, and Ahtuhquog 540 of Maryland and Nentego 20 of Delaware to form Section SE-1 as part of the national realignment from 12 to six regions.