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While Area 6-A was formed in 1949 the first Area Fellowship was not held until April 1952. The first Area Fellowship was hosted by Nayawin Rar Lodge 296 at Camp Tuscarora. These events were held in April each year and hosted by area lodges at their council Scout camp. The events included training, competition, and fellowship. Everyone arrived on Friday evening and departed on Sunday morning. The host lodge was responsible for almost every aspect of the event. From designing and ordering the patches, neckerchiefs, and mugs, to providing all meals, leading the training, organizing the competitions, and presenting the evening shows, the host lodge did it all. An Area Chief was elected each year and typically the winning candidate was from the following year's host lodge.

In 1969 no fellowship was held. Area leaders attended training in Atlanta. This new concept was not popular with local Arrowmen so yearly events resumed in 1970.

In 1972 the BSA reorganized its regions reducing from twelve to six. While most sections used their new designation in 1973 this one chose to call their event the Area 6A Fellowship one last time. The eight lodges of Area 6-A became the new Section SE-3A.