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Section Activities (conclave, conference, etc) were not held in 1981 and 1990.

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Jan. 1, 1973, the following lodges from legacy Regions 8 and 10 were assigned to Section NC-2A: Tonkawampus 16 (from 10-A), Blue Ox 26 (from 10-A), Naguonabe 31 (from 10-A), Midewiwin 53 (from 10-A), Timmeu 74 (from 8-A), Sac-N-Fox 108 (from 8-A),
Mesabi 196 (from 10-A), Agaming 257 (from 10-A) and Nahak 526 (from 10-A). By 1974, the following NC-2B lodges were assigned to NC-2A: Chan-O-Wapi 52, Minniduta 176, Chakota 183 and Thunderbird 371. 1975: Midewiwin 53 changed its name to Wahpekute. All four ND lodges hosted the 1976 Conclave at Camp Wilderness, MN. This was the last event that those lodges took part in as separate lodges. In 1977, they merged to form Pa-Hin Lodge #27. In 1979, Tetonwana 105 (from NC-2B) and Crazy Horse 171 (also from NC-2B), joined NC-2A. It was at this point that the section was comprised of MN, ND, SD, and a some counties in IA (74,108) and WI (526). That same year the section held a joint conclave with NC-2B. IN 1980, Crazy Horse 171 moved to NC-1B, while Timmeu 74 and Sac-N-Fox 108 became part of NC-4A. In 1983, NC-2A was renamed NC-2.