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Effective Jan. 1, 1973, the New Section Operation consolidated the Twelve Regions into six. The new regions were divided into areas and subdivided into sections. It was at the new section level that lodges participated in annual conclaves. The original Section II-B consisted of these lodges: Lodge 34 Ko Nosh I Oni, Lodge 172 Otahnagon, Lodge 247 Tahgajute, Lodge 294 Kamargo, Lodge 357 Adirondack, Lodge 410 Nischa Nitis, Lodge 461 Manatoanna, Lodge 465 Yahnundasis, and Lodge 477 Gajuka. In 1978 Lodges 172 and 477, along with 3 other NY lodges were put together to form new Section NE-2D. In 1981 Lodge 34 Ko Nosh I Oni and Lodge 465 merged to form new Lodge 34 Ona Yote. In 1982, Lodge 357 and 461 merged to form new Lodge 120 Gosh-Wha-Gono. During the 1988 NE re-alignment, Lodge 247 became part of new Section NE-7A while lodges 34, 120, 294 and 410 formed new Section NE-7B. The designation of the new Section NE-2B was assigned to a group of 6 entirely different lodges from eastern NY, therefore this listing ends at 1988.