Inland Northwest Council #611
Spokane, Washington


Lodge Details

Merged 1993

Lodge Details
Lemolloillahee #415 merged with Sel Koo Sho Lodge #11 in 1994 to form Es-Kaielgu #311.

Lodge Totem/Insignia Coyote

Name Translation Wild Wilderness Info


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Lodge History

Lemolloillahee Lodge #415 of the Inland Empire Council #611 was first chartered in 1949. Its first Ordeal was held on May 13, 1949 with its first members being inducted by the ceremony team from the neighboring Koo Ben Sho Lodge #311. Its name came from the “Chinook Jargon”, which is a mixture of Chinook, French and English languages, used during the fur trade era. Lemollo means “wild” or “untamed.” Illahee means “land” or “wilderness.” “Wild Wilderness” was chosen to represent the abundant forest area contained within the Cowles Scout Reservation.

The Lodge totem was the howling coyote. The howling coyote was selected as a symbol of the wilderness area around Camp Cowles. The coyote is usually shown sitting inside of a diamond shape. The diamond, of course, is representative of Diamond Lake, the lake Camp Cowles sits on. The patch also features Mt. Spokane.

In 1994, Lemolloillahee was merged with Sel Koo Sho #11 to form Es-Kaielgu #311.

(Adapted from The History of the Es-Kaielgu Lodge #311)